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Kabelo is born with love for food as being its key driving factor. We present you the World’s First-Ever Veg Barbecue Restaurant.

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Our vitality is the grilled barbecue with a wide variety of veg starters which you will never get bored of. Kabelo has worked for people in general and has advanced into a combination of exquisite chic and contemporary fine charge. With customers being our diamonds we strive for the best quality standards and hygiene practices making their dining experience happening and worry-free.

Here we are starting our journey with you from a city famously known for the richness and tasty food, INDORE. Come and unleash the foodie in you, experience the hospitality and unlimited food, and let us serve you the best meal you ever had in the city!

Enjoy our dazzling dishes and make the most of your eating with us! #khaodabake


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